What's the difference? Are they the same?

Although these terms are often used interchangeably Coffee Pods and Coffee Capsules are not the same thing. In fact they are quiet different. Below is a quick guide to how they differ. 

Coffee Pods

Coffee pods and coffee capsules are both designed for single serve espresso. However coffee pods do not look like coffee capsules, instead they look more like a tea bag. A round and very puffy tea bag filled with coffee grinds. They actually work the same way as a tea bag in that they relay on a slow and low pressure in order to extract the flavour from the coffee grinds.

Unlike a tea bag a coffee pod can not just be dropped into a cup of water for a few minutes. It requires a specific machine designed to run water through the pod under a lower pressure than a coffee capsule machine.  

Coffee Capsuls

Coffee Capsules

Coffee capsules consist of a plastic container and aluminium foil sealed lid that contain coffee grinds.

In NZ, coffee capsules are much more popular than coffee pods.  Although George Cloony has put Nespresso® at the forefront of the coffee capsule market, Nespresso capsules are by no means the only brand available. 
Along with the coffee pod, the coffee capsule is a measured dose of coffee designed for a single serve.  When a coffee capsule is inserted into a machine it is pierced front and back so water can be forced through it at approximately 19 psi.  It’s this higher pressure that allows the optimal extraction of flavours and characteristics.  

The Coffee Capsule Company's capsules are compatible with Nespresso® coffee machines. Nespresso® is a registered trademark of Societe des Products Nestle S.A. and is not in any way affiliated with The Coffee Capsule Company. 


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