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Improving the quality of capsule coffee throughout NZ

A while back in response to a clear need for better capsule coffee in NZ we started the brand Tuatahi Coffee (see full story here).  The entire drive was to massively improve the quality of capsule coffee available throughout NZ.  We achieved this through Tuatahi coffee being specifically tailored to the NZ taste profile and clearly much fresher than any other capsule coffee on the market. Because of the success of Tuatahi Coffee we believe even more so now, that Kiwi’s prefer local blends over imported blends.  NZ has many fantastic coffee roasters each with their own unique blends. Our goal is to make these kiwi blends available to as many as possible. 

Most cafés and roasters sell their blends of coffee beans in store, so customers that have the necessary equipment can continue to drink premium NZ blends at home. Yet very few cafés  and roasters make those same amazing blends available in capsule form. There is predominantly two reasons for this. 

Reason # 1: To put it simply, the technology has not been available to them. But now through The Coffee Capsule Company it is. 

Reason # 2: Roasters and Cafes are are unsure of how a capsule will affect their blends characteristics.  They work very hard to get their blends just right, they roast with extreme precision, and their coffee is made by a skilled Barista. By encapsulating their coffee into a Nespresso compatible capsule they remove the skilled barista and are forced to rely on a machine with preset programs. This is valid concern as machines still can't quite replicate the small nuances of a skilled barista. 

With this in mind our aim is not to replace barista made coffee, but rather compliment it. Instead of buying imported coffee capsules which are tailored to European and US palates, we desire to make  the wonderful blends of our local roasters available to you as often as possible, whether at home or work.  By supporting local capsule coffee's you are getting the closest thing possible to a barista made coffee without a barista.  

At The Coffee Capsule Company we gladly admit to being the next best thing!

Lance and Lisa

The Coffee Capsule Company's capsules are compatible with Nespresso® coffee machines. Nespresso® is a registered trademark of Societe des Products Nestle S.A. and is not in any way affiliated with The Coffee Capsule Company. 


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